Dr. R Balaji (ENT Surgeon)

Sr. Consultant E.N.T, Head and Neck Surgeon
18+ Years Experience

Dr. R Balaji (ENT Surgeon)

Sr. Consultant E.N.T, Head and Neck Surgeon

Dr. R Balaji (ENT Surgeon)'s Academic Background

Stanley Medical College (1993 – 1999)

Madras medical college (2001-2004)

Clinical Skill Set

  • Endoscopic surgeries of sinuses and skull base.
  • Head and Neck surgeries

Dr. R Balaji (ENT Surgeon)'s Milestones

Performed over 3,000 surgeries with good results  which includes 

  • Endoscopic surgeries of Ear, nose, sinuses, and skull base 
  • Surgeries of throat, Larynx, Head, and Neck  
  • Cochlear implant 
  • Bronchoscopy, Oesophagoscopy  
  • Transnasal endoscopic CSF leak closure  
  • Optic nerve decompression 
  • Orbital decompression


  • Merits of Endoscopic J.N.A Excision
  • Olfactory Neuroblastoma a masquerader
  • Autogenous foreign bodies of para – nasal Sinuses
  • Endonasal C.S.F Leak closure – our experience
  • Guidelines for fibro – osseous lesions in para – nasal sinuses.
  • Appropriate approach for Tracheal stenosis.

FAQs About Dr. R Balaji (ENT Surgeon)

How can I take an appointment with Dr. Balaji R?

We can help you connect with him for an appointment. Please call or whatsapp  01301794294 or email to hello@medtravelhelp.com.

Where does Dr. Balaji R practice?

Dr. Balaji R offers physical consultations at the following locations: Apollo Hospitals Greams Road, Chennai.

What is the educational qualification of Dr. Balaji R?

Dr. Balaji R is a Ent Specialist with over 15 Yrs. years of experience and has the following qualifications  - MBBS, MS (ENT)

What conditions can Dr. Balaji R treat?

Dr. Balaji R is specialised to treat ENT, etc.

What languages can Dr. Balaji R speak?

Dr. Balaji R can speak English, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Arabic.

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Dr. R Balaji (ENT Surgeon)

Sr. Consultant E.N.T, Head and Neck Surgeon
18+ Years Experience
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