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The Apollo Hospitals in Chennai is a leading healthcare provider with the below hospitals in Chennai:

  • Apollo Chennai Main Hospital (Greams Road)
  • Apollo Chennai Womens Hospital
  • Apollo Chennai Cradle & Childrens Hospital
  • Apollo Chennai Heart Centre
  • Apollo Chennai Cancer Hospital - Teynampet
  • Apollo Chennai Speciality Hospital - Vanagaram
  • Apollo Chennai Speciality Hospital - OMR (Old Mahabalipuram Road)

The Apollo Chennai Main Hospital deals with the most complex surgeries such as heart surgery, cancer treatment, and organ transplants. The doctors are Senior Consultants and are highly skilled and trained at some of the best medical institutions in the world including Harvard University, Cambridge University, and Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Book your doctor's appointment with highly qualified Senior Consultants from Apollo Hospitals in Chennai before travelling from Bangladesh.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book an appointment with Apollo Chennai Doctors?

Please Contact Us With Your Latest Medical Reports And Advise Your Preferred Doctor And We Will Organise Your Appointment Booking

What is the cost for booking a doctors appointment?

We Do Not Charge Any Fee For Booking Doctors Appointment.

My flight has changed. Can I reschedule the appointment?

Yes. Please Call Us And We Can Reschedule Your Appointment With The Doctor

What happens after I book a doctors appointment and I need to change the date?

That Is Completely Fine. Please Call Us And We Can Reschedule Your Appointment With The Doctor

Should I check with you before travelling to Apollo Hospital Chennai?

It Is Recommended You Check With Us Before Travelling So We Can Ensure That Any Changes In Plans Are Accommodated.

Which doctors are available? Where can I find the Apollo Chennai doctors list?

Please Contact Us And We Can Guide You Regarding Information About Specific Doctors.

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We simplify the process of contacting Apollo Hospital in Chennai from Bangladesh. Request a call back and our helpful staff will contact you to help arrange everything!
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