About Us

MedTravelHelp.com was launched by Health Connect International Pty Ltd with the aim to facilitate medical travel from Bangladesh to India.

Why MedTravelHelp.com?

After facilitating over 3,000 patients travelling from Bangladesh to Apollo Hospitals Chennai over the last decade, we realised that we needed to provide clear, concise and consolidated information about the treamtent options available in India, specifically the Apollo Hospitals Chennai to ensure patients in from Bangladesh can make well informed decisions about their travel to India for medical treatment. Our focus is to provide the relevant info in a timely manner by connecting the patients from Bangladesh to the relevenat Senior Consulting Specialist from the Apollo Hospitals Group in India.

How can we help you?

Our objective is simple - connect patients from Bangladesh to the relevant medical professionals in India, especially Apollo Hospitals Chennai.
More importantly, our dedicated team will speak to you in Bangla to ensure a seamless communication with the hospital.

Second Medical Opinion / Cost of Treatment Plan

We facilitate getting a second medical opinion from Apollo Chennai Senior Consultants. We will get your latest medical reports reviewed by a senior consultant and get back to you with the doctor feedback on treatment plan, estimated cost of treatment, and recommended duration of stay in the hospital.

Book Doctor Appointments

We facilitate booking your doctor appointments before you start your travel from Bangladesh. This helps to organise travel plans based on the doctor schedules.

Organise Airport Picks and drop to Hotel/Hospital

We facilitate providing you with a vehicle to pick you up at the Chennai International Airport and drop you at your hotel or Apollo Chennai hospital.

Book Hotel

We facilitate booking a hotel for your stay and lodgement in Chennai.

Have a question?

Contact us on hello@medtravelhelp.com or Hotline: +8809611677355
MedTravelHelp is an initiative by Health Connect International Pty Ltd., Australia,
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Ground Floor Road No: 130, 
Gulshan 1. Dhaka, 1212
Head Office:
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Victoria, 3107, Australia

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